Hello beautiful people,
It was so amazing seeing many of you taking the time at Spirit Fest to stop and feel the emotions that your bodies were experiencing, and even allowing yourself to have a little cry (crying is the core expression of Autumn). When we feel the body and its organs, when we take time to breath deep, let go and observe the subtle inner transformations, we allow for the body to “adapt” and bring the metal element back into a rhythm that is in tune with the planet and cosmos, as well as our inner intent.
So thank you for being willing to transform, and for giving your lungs the space to breathe and let go. One of the truest aspects of health emerges when we do this. We can observe the challengers we have in life, the missed opportunities, the heartbreak or simple sadness.  We feel these, and then like water off a duck’s back allow ourselves not to dwell, but to perceive the value of these experiences and dance on; that is a well integrated and adapted metal element, and I saw many of you tending to this foundation of a healthy body/mind/spirit.
Time to integrate now. Be sure to take your medicinal mushies, they’re unifiers of the body, the organs and the energetics of our system which ensure information can pass freely throughout the whole; incredible support for integrating when big work has been done.
Remember that you are the mandala, that the body is a self-healing and regenerating system that is forever morphing and changing and it is worth supporting it with consistent and dedicated spiritual and physical health practices. So as the cool weather rolls in, prepare nourishing meals with love from local produce, stay hydrated, keep sticking to your practice, keep the neck covered when windy and keep smiling.
Thanks you endlessly to the team that made this epic event possible. So very grateful.
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Thanks for all your beautiful vibes Spirit crew.
See you next year (or at SuperFeast!),
Mason Taylor
Found of SuperFeast, Tonic Herbalist