A One-Day Breathwork Festival! In Association with BYRON SPIRIT FESTIVAL
8 Breath of Bliss Facilitators with 4 Workshops!

A Brand New Mobile  Transformational Festival

Join us as we build community, deepen presence and celebrate life! Circular breathing is a powerful practice that increases health, radiance and emotional wellbeing. Enjoy workshops from lead faculty and graduates of the Breath of Bliss Academy, each sharing unique gifts. This day has the power to change your life!

It’s More Than a Festival… It’s a Community. Join Us!


Explore circular breath to expand awareness, feel more connection and aliveness, release stuck emotions, open to creativity and non-ordinary states of consciousness.


Wake up your whole body with ecstatic dance, shaking, and Taoist exercises to optimize life force energy. Connect to Pacha Mama, activate shakti, liberate energy and rejeuvinate


Discover the healing power of vibration. Express yourself to move emotional energy. Sing along with our live musicians. Receive sound healing during the breathwork sessions.

Breathfest Schedule 9am-6pm

8:45 Arrival

9-915 Keep getting people settled

910-925 Introductions MC by Christabel – Welcome to the Tribe of Love

930-11 Ignite Authenticity with Issia and Laura

11-1130 Rest with healing song by performer (?)

1130-1 Journey to the Center of the Mandala with Shanti and Sol


2-330 Merging into Oneness with Jean-Marc, Kirsty and Shannon.

330-4 Rest with healing song by performer (?)

4-545 Astonishment with Christabel with Sound Healing  (?)

545-6  Ceremony Closure by TEAM BLISS

Workshop Descriptions

Ignite Authenticity. With Issia Miller and Laura Munay.
Tune into the ancient wisdom of your soul with breath, movement and sound! Own your unique voice and vision so can express your full potential and  be an authentic force of good on planet Earth. This ceremony will support you in coming fully into your body, the present moment and your truth. We encourage you to have the cacao plant medicine in the vending area before coming into the space to help stoke the fires of your heart!
Merging into Oneness. With Jean-Marc Love, Kirsty Targrass and Shannon Rose.
Use breath to activate the coherence and connection between us and all living things. Come together to find unity within our selves, with Mother Earth and with each other, creating a global tribe of love. We all breathe the same air and dance on the same earth, it’s time for us to dissolve illusionary barriers and remember the universal law of oneness that connects us all.
Journey to the Center of the Mandala. Shanti and Sol Ramana
Be held in a nurturing cocoon of love as you go on a sacred journey of the soul. In this breathwork session we will support you in having a direct experience of the truth : The I AM . We utilise the power of the breath to awaken your inherent witness consciousness, so you can see your thoughts, emotions & experiences from a higher perspective.
Astonishment with Christabel.
Come fully into yourself, integrate the day and connect with your heart. Experience conscious closure by focusing the the treasures gleaned from the day and with heart-warming sharing and integration practices. Slow gentle and breathing and movement will help you ground and center, orienting your nervous system and coming fully into yourself. We will leave you focusing on the theme of Astonishment, how you can expand the breath to open your senses and walk forward into the world with gratitude and awe.


IssiaBreathfest Facilitator
Issia is the producer of The Spirit of Intimacy boutique tantra festival. She has a background in therapeutic bodywork and teaching Steiner. Issia facilities Breath of Bliss with Laura Munay.
Kirsty Targrass
Kirsty Targrass
Kirsty is a Bali-based Breath of Bliss facilitator who infuses her ceremonies with her soft presence and deep feminine energy. She has a background teaching Kundalini Yoga, Women’s Red Tent and Feminine Embodiment.
Shanti & Sol
Shanti & SolBreathfest Facilitator
Shanti & Sol are trained breathworkers with both the Australian Breathwork Institute and the Breath of Bliss Academy, and they host regular Breath of Bliss Ceremonies on the South Coast of NSW, Australia where they live. They love this work because the breath is a master healer and teacher that has supported their own direct experience of the peace, freedom and love that abides within.  They are passionate about sharing this in the groups they facilitate together.
Jean-MarcBreathfest Faclitator
Jean-Marc teaches in Perth and brings vulnerability, raw authenticity and a powerful presence. His Breath of Bliss ceremonies have a strong tribal flavour. Combined, they form a clear & fresh energy to awaken you to the one creator found within you.
Shannon Brown
Shannon BrownBreathfest Faclitator
Shannon is from New Zealand and has Maori ancestry. Her presence transmits pure love, compassion and connection to the divine.
Laura Munay
Laura MunayBreathfest Faclitator
Laura is a mid-wife and medicine mama who holds exquisite space for the soul to come home to love. Together with Issia they teach in Byron Bay, helping support the collective field to reawaken and remember that all is sacred.
Christabel Zamor
Christabel ZamorBreathfest Founder
Christabel is an expert educator and a pioeneer in ecstastic breath and movement. As the founder of Breath of Bliss Academy, she is passionate about embodied awakening and training leaders how to open hearts. She is a Certified Life Coach by the Coaches Training Institute and has Hendricks Institute training in Conscious Loving. She holds two master’s degrees: one in Depth Psychology and Mythology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and a second in Anthropology from University of California. She is also a Global Coherence Initiative Ambassador of the Heart Math Institute.

Christabel has studied with and received initiations by shamans in the Sacred Valley of Peru. She also has Earth Priestess Mastery Training to facilitate Shakti Embodiment and Tantrika Arts. She has integrated these teachings into her unique breathwork programs. For 12 years Christabel helped millions generate ecstasy as the founder of HoopGirl, creator of six instructional DVDs and a training program that certified over 700 instructors. Christabel is published by Workman and is also a Mind Valley Academy author.