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2018 Byron Spirit Festival, Byron Bay

Uniting the Humandala

Dates coming soon!

The Byron Spirit Festival is based in the town of Mullumbimby, 15 minutes from Byron Bay. The Festival provides workshops and entertainment for the whole family and incorporates existing venues in the town, such as the civic centre, community gardens, local halls and churches.

The event inspires well being and has been called the best festival of its kind in Australia as it seeks to create a strong sense of community and healthy lifestyle. With a celebration of various cultural practices and traditions, the festival is an example of cultural harmony and celebrates spiritual and racial diversity as a key to building healthy communities.

The Byron Spirit Festival celebrates the unique character of the Byron Shire, featuring workshops and panels on yoga, music, culture, dance, healing and world music. Participants attend their choice of workshops during the day and then gather together for evening concerts featuring world music from local, national and international performers and dancers.

An entertaining and enlightening weekend and well worth attending, always something to do and something new to experience. Attended with my wife and we did a lot of separate teaching sessions plus a few together. We found it a great part of the journey sharing each others experiences at the end of the day; learning as much about each other as we did about ourselves.
Byron Spirit Festival is an amazing experience to return to your true self, nurture your spirit & remember what life is really all about !!!
My Byron Spirit Festival experience was an amazing journey of learning about myself and my body and how the two of them together are one and the same with everyone else. I found the light in me & the light in others. I confronted my barriers & pushed through & relaxed. I met some beautiful people & learned some life changing things.I really felt Love with no inhibitions.